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Maureen Toohey Trichologist

Scientific & holistic approach to hair rejuvenation for men and women

Maureen Toohey’s focus in beauty and wellness has been her dedicated whole life career for over 35 years assisting individuals holistically, naturally with the use of organic ingredients that target the root cause of hair loss, hair brittleness, scalp disorders, beauty, health, and overall wellness from the inside out. A mind, body connection through guidance and beneficial therapies with tailored solutions to each individual's case.

Maureen will take the time to listen to concerns, past history, and guide everyone as her own family with honesty and meticulous attention. Commitment to state of the art technology where science meets nature. Maureen provides designed program solutions in the salon and guided home maintenance.

Getting to the root of the problem

There are many different factors that can cause hair loss, and can be reversed through energy being brought back to the hair follicle to encourage a prolonged healthy growth cycle.


Maureen’s hair loss solutions are clinically proven, FDA approved, safe and effective non surgical, no side effects, no drugs, the most advanced breakthrough technology, (LLLT) Photo biomodulation Therapy  Is the  most effective therapies to resolve hair loss concerns. Get the healthiest, strongest abundance of hair possible. Proven to be effective to regrow youthful hair. 

The root cause can go undetected. Common causes of hair loss:


  • Scalp issues 

  • Pregnancy 

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Stress

  • Loss of weight 

  • Medication 

  • Surgery 

  • Alopecia 

  • Illness

  • Genetics

During your evaluation, Maureen will take the time to intake important personal information to assist in identifying and designing the next course of action with her preformed laser therapy and product system. You will be on track for healthy strong hair growth within just a few months! 

Get Started 

Contact Maureen to set up your free 15 minute consultation.



FRESH Scalp & Hair Therapy 

 Fresh Signature  customized  Scalp & Hair Therapy.

Includes  Multi step Cleansing and Nourishing Therapy

Deep scalp ,follicle and hair cleanse intensive nourish scalp and hair mask   

focused massage for Deep  relaxation during each treatment ... $150.00 -$250.00 -$350.00

Mild Detox Mineral Removal Treatment..... 55.00& up 

Mild Scalp Exfoliation..... 75.00& Up 

Intensive Scalp Exfoliation $150.00 &up

Hair Repair  Treatment.......... $55.00&Up

 Intensive Hair Repair Therapy with infrared Iron Or Hi frequency $200.00.00  

  Intensive  Repair Treatment $150.00 

Restorative Hair loss Therapy.... $150.00 and Up 

Keratin infused shots w infrared iron smoothing benefits  .......... $75.00

Customized Aroma Therapy.... $ 55.00 30 min 30min 95.00 60 min $150.00& up

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