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Let’s Talk Beauty: Six Summer Beauty Rituals

Posted by: Maureen Toohey

Posted date: August 02, 2013 In: Health & Beauty

Many cultures teach their children the importance of incorporating beauty rituals on a daily basis. Some use organic fruits or vegetables and oils, others take a dip in the Dead Sea or use mud. In India, Bindi treatments are taught for detoxifying body and mind, which produces beautiful hair and glowing skin. Their hair is often used for making wigs. Brazilians, who use natural oils from the trees and plants, are known for the well nourished hair.

I am someone who enjoys my beauty rituals; my daughter knows my bag is packed for a day of beauty even at the beach. Keep in mind your children are watching your habits and rituals. They notice how we respect and take care of our self. Have fun doing treatments together as well as enjoying some me time.

As a professional, I incorporate steam and heat to assist in the penetration of nutrients and color. Take advantage of the heat of the sun, use the natural elements all around you and enjoy doing these easy anti-aging tips.

Tip #1 A hot steamy shower is the perfect place to start. Many of you are laughing at the thought of a uninterrupted shower, I get it, take a few minutes for yourself, after shampooing your hair put it in a hair mask, then cleanse your face and apply a facial mask, then body scrub, shave, rinse finally lotion up and within minutes you are good to go.

Tip #2 Use scarves and hats for a Bohemian and tres’ chic style. This is a hot fashion trend right now and it will continue all the way to the fall. It looks cool while providing you important UV protection. Rocking this trend will allow you to go longer in between shampoos, which I highly recommend. Wear it with waves, texture with a soft wet look, edgy Bobs even volume.There is something alluring about effortless hair.

Tips #3 Before you head out the door, apply some organic essential organic oils to your hair. Try some chamomile, golden seal, burdock or organic Moroccan argan oil. You can look sleek and sexy, by going out with a wet and tousled look. Or you can create effortless styles with a few hairpins and bobbies. (Gentle up dos, twists, tie knots, buns, gentle up dos, messy braids, if you can’t braid, just leave it free flowing.) Don’t worry about having your hair look perfect; let it display a no fuss statement. Embracing your natural beauty at any length, can make you feel sexy and chic any time. Good to go in minutes.

Tip #4 Use products with sunflower oil. It has natural UV protectants and is an emollient with anti-aging properties. Choose a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner that contain it. At the end of the day your hair ages too.

Tip #5 While at the beach, try heating up some essential oils in a sea shell and give yourself a hot oil treatment, do a 30 second scalp massage, distribute natural oils through your hair. It is also a perfect time to do a deep conditioning treatment.

Tip #6 If you are out there lounging at the pool, spray in a leave in conditioner for added moisture, so your hair doesn’t soak up the chemicals. After chlorine exposure use a shampoo or treatments created for swimmers like the Malibu wellness line. This line is my survival kit for removing minerals, chemicals and before color correction.

To choose proper hair care products you must know what your hair is lacking, protein, moisture or both. Too much protein can cause breakage, think of it as buying a pair of shoes without knowing your shoe size. A professional can give you wet strand test to determine what home care is right for you, to maintain beautiful healthy hair.

I am happy to assist you. Making the right choices can enhance your inner and outer beauty and wellness.

Happy hair days!

Maureen Toohey is a regional educator for Organic Salon Systems, a master colorist, stylist, makeup artist, skin care specialist, and offers beauty on location in private studios in Manhattan, Westchester, and Putnam. She provides in salon classes to professionals, and is available for special occasions, photo shoots, make overs, and charity events at your location.

Contact Maureen at 845-490-4981 for a free consultation, or email her with your comments, questions, or topic request

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